Meet Michelle

trevor-and-michelleMichelle Thomas is a Christ follower, wife to Trevor, and homeschooling mom to Caleb, Jesse, Caroline, and Noah.

Michelle’s books include a devotional book for moms called Lord, I Need You, a book about her grief journey called Through Deep Waters, and their financial story called Debt-Free Living in a Debt-Filled World.

Michelle enjoys writing, spending time with her family, shopping (of course!), coffee, and taking peaceful walks in her neighborhood.

Michelle graduated from North Georgia College in 1995 with a bachelor of science degree in sociology. After college, she worked as a social worker and then at a financial ministry before their first baby was born. Since then, she has worked part time, mostly from home. She lives in Gainesville, GA with Trevor, their four children, and three fun felines.

4 Responses to Meet Michelle

  1. billy bober says:

    wonderful article in the American Thinker….Bless you Sister….I know that my Redeemer lives…My wife and I have raised 4 wonderful kids…Natural child birth with midwives,,,Home schooled all of them,,first 3 all graduated college and are happy and have good jobs. Our 4th child is a Down Syndrome girl,Anna. She is almost 26..She is an Angel of Joy and Light….God has always provided for us I was a self employed Painting contractor, never made more than $28,000 a year,,We got 3 kids through college and paid off our house in 17 years. We live Outside of Asheville,NC in a small town and love it….I am 68 and am so over cities,,,thank you once again..billy bober,Horse Shoe,NC.

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    • Thank you for your precious comments, Mr. Bober! It’s so encouraging to hear testimonies of God’s faithfulness from those a little further along the journey than we are. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!


  2. Mark Hall says:

    Hi Michelle, Trevor, and family,
    You writings and spirit resonate with me. Especially the “not afraid to die” story. I had that epiphany or whatever it should be called the night I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer 13 years ago. Regarding my life as a glass half full allowed me appreciate the beautiful children I had raised, and the visible accomplishments I had made in this world and be ok with moving on. For some reason God has chosen to keep me here and as I counseled a lady just diagnosed two days ago I am seeing more clearly my life shaping up as a better Christian man.
    This morning in Church I’ll be leading the special music and doing a bluegrass gospel song called “Let my life be a light to some soul” Balsam Range version.
    Glad I ran into you on American Thinker.

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    • Mr. Hall, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments. I’m very thankful that the Lord healed you so that you can continue to minister to your family and those He puts in your path (including me!). He is gracious and merciful! Many blessings to you and your loved ones!



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